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Welcome to Silver Dolls Cattery. We are a small professional Persian cattery just south of Louisville, KY. We simply love our babies and take pride in our client relationships. Our repeat client base speaks for itself. We speak to everyone during the purchasing process and update you with fun photos and notes from your new furry family member at no charge. We know buying online can be a scary experience and have many references for your peace of mind. Silver Dolls is pleased to partner also with Sweetheart Kittens Cattery. Together we feature Chinchilla and Shaded Silver & Golden Persians with champion and grand champion pedigree. We are excited to showcase and produce some of the finest show, breeder, and top of the line pet babies to deserved loving homes.

The unique Chinchilla Silver has become known as "The Rolls Royce" of the Persian world. They are known for their distinct black liner (hence called "mascara") around their eyes, lips and nose. All kitties are paired to produce a nice and sweet "break" in the nose. Both our doll face and extreme face babies have very little to no sinus and tearing problems that many common Persians suffer from. A few of our kittens also carry the Golden gene, and as a result we are blessed occasionally with Chinchilla and Shaded Golden babies. These too are very elegant cats with distinct black liner and fabulous eye colors.

All of our kittens come fully vaccinated and health certified. They are able to groom themselves and use the litter box appropriately. Babies will arrive at their new home healthy and well-adjusted. We ship our babies nationwide, and an official health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian will accompany each of them to its new home.

We look forward to assisting you in obtaining the kitten of your dreams. We produce litters throughout the year, so be sure to check back for upcoming litters and available babies.

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or to be placed on the waiting list when babies are available.

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